New Brave World

27 03 2008
A series of workshops about:”Internet of things” – “Hybrid world” – “networking & locative media”

While the Internet is still thought of as a virtual space, it is quickly gaining foot in the physical world. An “Internet-of-Things” is under construction with technologies for unique digital identification (RFID), geolocation (GPS), embedded computing (ubiquitous or pervasive computing,…) and mobile networking (wifi, wimax, umts/3g…). Places and objects become linked to digital media which can be everywhere people are.

Our digital life and social interactions are going to happen through tangible augmented objects and our physical environment will become the playground of new social and artistic behaviors, interventions, actions both in data and media spaces.

“New Brave World” proposes a series of workshops exploring the roles of artists, designers, media makers and creative scientists/developers in this context of the merge of digital and physical spaces.

“New Brave World” is produced by
iMAL – Center for digital cultures & technology
with the support of the
VAF – Vlaamse Audiovisueel Fonds.



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